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Choosing images for the website was hard, really hard…

Eleven years worth of amazing moments

precious children…

and families in love.

How can I know exactly what images will touch your heart?

I can’t show you every image, I can’t tell you every story.

All I can do is remind you, today is the day.

Because tomorrow he will look just a little bit older

Because you won’t always be able to pick him up

Because someday she will ride off on her own,

Because their laughter makes your heart melt,

Because someday she will run off with the man of her dreams,

Because they have the best little personality,

Because those baby teeth won’t last forever,

Because they will never find a better friend,

Because falling down won’t always be so fun,

Because he is edible,

Because this is real life,

TODAY is the day because tomorrow will be different.